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A price in this range (less than 15% of sales transactions) represents an outstanding deal for the buyer, but the dealer may be selling at a loss due to aged inventory, less popular colors, demo vehicles, etc.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP"), sometimes known as the sticker price, is the retail price suggested by the manufacturer.

The original Avanti was the product of Raymond Loewy’s studio, based on a “doodle” by Studebaker chief Sherwood Egbert, who wanted a sporty coupe to use as what we’d now call a halo car for Studebaker’s boring and fading product line.

Tom Kellogg, Bob Andrews and John Ebstein’s original design for the Avanti was so successful that the car’s shape has survived a series of owners.

When I got to the cemetery, though, I noticed that the Avanti driver was also paying his respects.

For a second I considered the propriety of the situation but I realized it wouldn’t be the first time that I photographed a car at a marble orchard so I got out my 3D rig.

This was an Avanti II, one of the continuation series made by South Bend Studebaker dealer Nate Altman.

Altman never made more than a few hundred cars a year so Avanti IIs are pretty rare.

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It’s interesting that though they’ve abandoned all of their other trademarks, Avanti Motor Corporation maintains their trademark registration on the Avanti logo and its use with cars.I think it’s a good bet that if there’s a market for perverse Packards then someone will eventually buy the rights to make some kind of replica of one of the most original car designs ever.If that doesn’t happen I expect the Studebaker museum to try and acquire the logo, as they’ve done with the Studebaker log and as the Packard club and foundation have done similarly with Packard trademarks.Either way the Avanti is a stunning piece of design, unusual and attractive at the same time.

It invariably ends up on lists of the most beautiful cars ever made (usually sharing the list with at least one other Stude, the ’53 Starliner coupe, and sometimes the ’48 bullet nose).

I’ve tried to get in the habit of taking my cameras with me most places that I go so I can seize the opportunity when I find a car worthy of note.