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”“I was talking to my mother earlier today about Ruby, and she was basically like, nun-ify her.

Put her in a habit,” Marcelle Karp, 49, says about her 13-year-old daughter.

Frank Biro, director of research, adolescent and transition medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, whose 2013 study linked early-onset puberty with obesity.“Kids seem to be developing earlier and getting more sexually focused earlier,” says Daley.

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She has long blond hair, arched eyebrows and a gigantic smile.“I’m not dating anyone right now,” says Sarah, 11, who lives across the street and says she wants to be an interior designer. After practicing their supermodel walks and screeching comments like “Rearrrrr! ” they discuss what sexy means.“When you’re sexy, it means you show off your body,” says Madison, who wants to be either an archaeologist or a Victoria’s Secret model. At the same time, the word has become so common that it allows many adults to distance themselves from this radical transformation in the sexualization of young girls, as if it were just another life stage. For the last few years, I have been following this stunning transformation, talking with girls, parents and experts.It’s all designed to be provocative, but I don’t think they really know what they’re provoking.”American girls are entering puberty earlier.