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13-Jun-2017 12:44

Wally West returned with knowledge that history is being manipulated by outside forces.

Wonder Woman learns the Paradise Island she had returned to in the past was an illusion to keep Ares imprisoned from Man's World. I'm sure future stories will require some further tweaks here and there, but this seems to be the general shape of DC history right now.

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usp=sharing For those of you who just want the stripped-down basics, here it is: Recent retcons established by either Rebirth or the New 52 are in bold Events not yet re-established, but possibly will be, are in italics.This culminated in the return of Superman and the destruction of Coast City, which led to Sinestro's corruption of Hal Jordan with Parallax, the destruction of the GLCorps and Kyle Rayner's debut as Green Lantern, who soon joined the reformed JLA to thwart a White Martian invasion, and the attack of Maggedon.Soon after Lois & Clark were married, Superman rallied together Earth's heroes against the invasion of Imperiex.Oh and Button easter eggs included Morrison JLA, which meand Kyle and Wally were part of JL at some point too.

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I'm not sure that the New 52 JL founding still holds.

Flash history is about to expand though, whatever Kadabra did to Wally seems to be part of time travel: He says he went back in time because Wally kept usurping his spotlight.